vario 400 series cooktops induction wok electric grill teppan yaki steamer downdraft ventilation

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Modular Vario 400 series cooktops and 400 series cooktops

Our modular Vario 400 and 400 series cooktops all offer professional-standard technology for the private kitchen. Whether you choose flush- or surface-mounted, models with vertically-mounted, hand crafted, stainless steel knobs or TFT touch displays, all meet our stringent quality controls for elegance and efficiency. The modular Vario 400 series cooktops incorporates a number of specialized appliances, including a deep fryer with a heat sensor for consistent cooking and a steamer with a highly sensitive water temperature control.

Vario 400 series cooktops gas cooktop teppan yaki and electric grill steamer and cooktop

Vario 400 series

Create a cohesive work surface by combining modular cooktops and ventilation appliances controlled by the illuminated stainless steel knobs mounted on the cabinet front. This series fits together perfectly and extends almost infinitely. Uniquely, grill, Teppan Yaki, steamer, downdraft ventilation and deep fryer can sit together as one cohesive workspace with induction or gas cooktops that can range from 38 cm to 90 cm.

400 series full surface induction cooktop with downdraft ventilation

400 series

Available in either induction or gas, these appliances are all about providing maximum creative space for the private chef. This full surface induction cooktop is 80 cm of unlimited creative space, enabling impulsive placement of your pans. The entire area is your cooking zone – wherever you position the pan, that is where it will cook. Move the pan to make room for others and it remembers the setting and reapplies it to wherever you set the pan back down. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our individual cooktops deliver perfection.

The Vario 400 series choices

The 400 series choices

400 series cooktops mounting options composition

Mounting options

How your cooktop is installed is simply a matter of taste. We offer flush- or surface- mounting in any configuration, with either a 3 mm visible stainless steel frame or sitting level, embedded in a countertop.