interiors of the Gaggenau factory in lipsheim

Behind the scenes

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Behind the scenes

Discover how we make the Gaggenau difference. Striking design, the finest materials, skilled hands and where appropriate, the latest technology, is employed to create a very different luxury kitchen appliance.

creating the highly technical 400 series extractors video

Not all design is to be seen

The highly technical extractors in the 400 series are painstakingly designed to do achieve two, competing aims: removal of airborne contaminants, quietly. The science of airflow and perfectly hand-made components ensures effective silence.

making the combi steam oven video

The creation of combi-steam

Ours was the first steam oven to be made for the private kitchen. Putting a water tight oven in a home requires clever designing around a lot of engineering. As well as a reassuring amount of testing.

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