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Celebration of culture

With over 330 years of history, we are something akin to culture. As such, we are inclined to celebrate other areas of culture, such as the art of the sommelier. Our international award soirée in Vienna was an evening of world-class wines, pianist, chef, venue and even coffees.


Following the International Sommelier Awards in 2016, the winner, rising star Marc Almert, was rewarded with a mentoring sojourn at the revered Tuscan vineyard Fattorie dei Dolfi. We follow Marc, hard at work in Tuscany, studying soils, aromas, vines and the precious vintages of the past.

The EB 333

Our 333rd year, our most iconic oven, our opportunity to make the exceptional, special. The EB 333 is, and ever was, an indulgent labor of love, as you will see from our film of its creation. A 36" wide single sheet of stainless steel is your gateway to baking excess.

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