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Exceptional performance, by design

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“We do things a certain way, not to impress or differentiate, but because that is what is required to achieve perfection.”

Sven Baacke, Head of Design, Gaggenau

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Working with professional chefs, we note what delights and frustrates them. Their equipment needs to be intuitive and enabling, focused and robust: chefs need to devote themselves to the dish, not the oven. And while appearance is not so vital in the workplace, it matters in the home.

chefs cooking in a Gaggenau kitchen


The life between work increasingly revolves around cuisine. Preparing, enjoying, discussing it, all occurs increasingly in one room. And if the kitchen is the heart of the home, then Gaggenau is the soul of the kitchen.



The professional kitchen principle is our foundation. Professional equipment, much like ingredients, must be of the highest quality and add something to the final dish. We use the same approach for the private kitchen, but with the added aesthetic consideration. Given these means and the passion, the private chef can produce professional results, time and again.

deconstructed Gaggenau oven

“The only way to keep one side of the oven door perfectly cool while the other is at 905˚F is through insulation. The 400 series oven door is made up of five layers of very special glass.”

Tania Goetzmann, Product management


Over 330 years of innovation, quality and skill have seen us emerge through the vagaries of history, some of which we shaped.

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At every stage of our appliances’ production, a craftsperson examines their work using hand and eye, seeking imperfections.

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