400 series ovens

Ovens that feed grand ambitions

400 series ovens combination

Ovens that feed grand ambitions

400 series ovens display modules

Ovens that feed grand ambitions

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400 series ovens

The handle-free doors proudly protrude from the wall and are opened by a simple touch of the intuitive TFT touch display. Expansive in both size and capability, the 400 series offers an exceptional range of ovens, combi-steam ovens, combi-microwaves and warming drawers in 60 cm and 76 cm widths. A 60 cm fully automatic coffee machine and a vacuum-sealing drawer complete your options and give you baking and coffee-making capabilities on a truly grand scale.

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Driven by the principles of the professional kitchen, inspired by the needs of the private chef, our ovens 400 series offer inspiring potential with the convenience of Home Connect.

This is an oven that confidently sets the tone of the kitchen. The oven, combi-steam oven and combi-microwave oven are just some of your options. Swap in the fully automatic coffee machine and don’t forget the warming drawer or a vacuuming drawer, designed for various purposes, including sous-vide preparation.

Baking, braising, grilling and steaming can all be messy processes and leave their mark on an oven. With our unique water and pyrolytic self-cleaning systems, we make sure the combi-steam oven can clean itself after your culinary masterpieces are complete.

For the private chef with expansive ideas, the 60 cm width ovens can be enlarged to a magnificent 76 cm. Either size is distinctive in striking stainless steel-backed glass.

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