400 dishwasher series rack system and rails

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400 series dishwashers

Liberal with space, powerful and quick, this series of dishwashers is also smart, offering a multitude of washing options, diffuse lighting and a flexible basket system. Zeolite technology enhances drying and decreases the energy consumption.

It can project the remaining time of the program onto the floor, on models without flexible hinges. The control panel with TFT display details the eight wash programs with five options. Some are guided by internal sensors and can be combined to operate on Power or Intensive, yet be sensitive with delicate items.

400 dishwasher series running rails and closing system video

Smooth running rails and soft-closing system

400 series dishwashers push to open function video

Push-to-open function

The diffuse backlighting of the 400 series sets it further apart from the normal. The innovative backlighting softly illuminates the cleaned contents, highlighting the sparkle of your tableware.

delicate cup and saucer cleaned with 400 series dishwashers

As powerful as the range is, it is also quiet and gentle, with a push-to-open door and cushioned closing system for the basket. Smooth running rails are on two or three levels, there is a flexible rack system and the cutlery drawers can be enlarged to hold items such as cooking utensils.

Our dishwashers use to clean all your cookware safely, quickly and beautifully.

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