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washing machine and dryer

Treat your clothes, exceptionally

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Washing machine and condenser dryer

The Gaggenau washing machine and condenser dryer are the first choice when it comes to fresh laundry. They boast exceptional A+++ energy ratings, have large portholes with doors that open a full 180 degrees and spacious and, well-lit drums so you can load and unload easily. The washing machine offers an intelligent dosage system, while the dryer houses a self-cleaning heat exchanger, heat pump technology and anti-crease cycle. Because you want your clothes to have the best.

Washing machine

Low water and energy consumption, large volume capacity and an extremely long life are just some of the impressive features our washing machines offer your clothes. They are roomy, providing space for up to 9 kg laundry, and use the intelligent dosage system iDos for automatic in-flow control of liquid detergent and softener. They also have anti-stain and anti-crease programmes, plus a top-up capability. Innovative motor technology improves the performance, increases the durability, consumes less energy and reduces noise. They combine perfectly with our condenser dryer.

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Condenser dryer

The Gaggenau condenser dryer provides space for up to 8 kg laundry. It has a self-cleaning heat exchanger, enabling constantly low energy consumption for maximum convenience. Heat pump technology, energy efficiency class A+++ and humidity- and time-controlled cycles make it an indispensable appliance in every household. It is the perfect companion for our washing machine.

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