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Terms and Conditions of Use of the Gaggenau Website

This site (along with the other terms and conditions stated on the Gaggenau Website) describe the terms and conditions that apply to the use of the Gaggenau Website (the “Website”). Read these Terms and Conditions of Use before you start using the Website. By using the Website, you accept these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions of Use, please refrain from using the Website.

Information about us

The Website is operated by BSH Home Appliances AB (hereinafter the brand “Gaggenau”). For more information about BSH, please refer to Contact and Company Information.

Your use of the Website

You may only use the Website for legal purposes. You must not use the Website:

a) in a manner that is in violation of prevailing national or international laws or regulations

b) with the intention of harming or causing harm to minors in any way

c) by deliberately transferring data, sending or transferring materials containing viruses, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, keyloggers, spyware, adware, or other malware or similar computer codes that are intended to affect the operation of any software or hardware.

In addition you hereby certify that you will not use the Website to:

a) distribute spam or unrequested email material

b) present yourself as representing Gaggenau

c) falsify headlines or manipulate the content of the Website in any other way in order to hide its origin or send material via the Website

d) provide false information about your connection to people or the Company

e) act in any way that will have a negative impact on the possibility for other users to use the Website

f) engage in criminal activities

g) publish or distribute material that is a violation or infringement on the rights of others or that is illegal, offensive, counts as defamation, vulgarity or is otherwise objectionable or that contains advertisements or offers linked to products or services

h) collect or store personal data about other users without their express approval

i) violate the right of users to revoke such approval as referred to in h).

If you breach the Gaggenau Terms and Conditions of Use, you will be liable to pay compensation for the damage that Gaggenau and its affiliated companies may suffer as a result of your actions.

Intellectual property rights

Gaggenau is the owner or licensee of all intellectual property rights found on the Website and that are published on it. You have permission to use, retrieve and/or use information on the Website exclusively for personal and non-commercial use. This right does not constitute an assignment of ownership to the material or copies of the material. Note that you must not make any changes at all to the material, you must not reproduce, distribute, publicly display or play or otherwise use or convey the material to the public or for commercial purposes. Neither may you use illustrations, photographs, video or audio sequences nor any graphics without stating the source. The material on the Website must not be used for commercial purposes without first obtaining prior approval from Gaggenau.

By using the Website, you undertake to comply with all international and local copyright laws and to prevent the unauthorised distribution and copying of the material.

Links and information on the Website

Gaggenau makes no representations and provides no warranties for the accuracy of links or other information found on the Website. Gaggenau provides no warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the material/content, nor with regard to the reliability of recommendations, opinions, statements, and other information displayed or distributed through the Website. All information is provided and intended to be used with the understanding that Gaggenau cannot be held liable for any loss, liability for damages, harm or cost of any kind that occurs wholly or partially, directly or indirectly as a result of use or reliance on such information or on such person. Gaggenau expressly disclaims any form of assurance and warranty, express and implied, including but not limited to warranties concerning merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, assurances that the content does not infringe on the rights of third parties or concerning the operation of the Website and its content, with the exceptions of those areas in which the law so prohibits.

Gaggenau does not guarantee that the Website or servers on which the Website is hosted or electronic notifications sent by Gaggenau are free from viruses or other harmful elements.

The provision of links is not to be interpreted as Gaggenau or the Website supporting, collaborating with, being associated with, linking to or having the legal right to use, trademarks, brands, logotypes, or copyright symbols that are displayed in or may be opened through the links or that linked web pages have the right to use trademarks, brands, logotypes or copyright symbols that belong to Gaggenau or its affiliated companies or subsidiaries.

Obligation to limit losses

Without prejudice to the limitation of liability set stated in these Terms and Conditions of Use, you must take all reasonable measures to limit your losses that arise in association with claims for damages or a process (irrespective of whether it involves negligence, breach of contract or anything else) that you produce or initiate against Gaggenau.

External links to the Website

All links to the Website must first be approved in writing by Gaggenau, except in the following cases:

a) the link only contains the text “Gaggenau” and does not contain any proprietary trademarks of Gaggenau or of its licensees/licensors;

b) the link only points to and not to any sites further down in the website hierarchy;

c) when the user clicks on the link, the page is displayed in full screen in a web browser window with full functionality and complete navigation, not as a frame on the linked webpage;

d) the appearance, placement and other characteristics of the link do not give the false impression that a legal entity or its activities or products are affiliated with or supported by Gaggenau and nor is it designed in such a way so as to damage or dilute the goodwill associated with Gaggenau or the names and trademarks of its affiliated companies. Gaggenau reserves the right to withdraw the right to link to the Website at any time and at its sole discretion.

Changes to and possible Website downtime

We will endeavour to update the Website regularly and may change the content at any time. Gaggenau therefore reserves the right to make changes, correct any errors or disclosures in parts of the Website at any time, make other changes to the Website or to the materials and products, services and prices (where applicable) described on the Website without prior notice and at any time. You are expected to check this site from time to time and take note of any changes that we have made.

Downtime for maintenance, etc. may occur on the homepage. Gaggenau is not responsible for any disruptions, interruptions or other issues that may occur on the homepage. If the need arises, Gaggenau may suspend access to the Website or close it indefinitely.

Access to the Website from areas and locations outside the borders of Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania

Gaggenau provides no guarantees as to whether the material on the Website is appropriate or available for use in locations outside Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania and access to it from areas in which the content is prohibited by law. If you are using the Website from locations outside Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, you are responsible for compliance with prevailing laws at that location.

Information about you and your visit to the Website

Gaggenau will process information about you in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By using the Website, you acknowledge such processing and you guarantee that all information that you provide about yourself is correct.

Uploading material to the Website

Any material that you upload on the Website will be considered to be non-confidential and when you submit such material to Gaggenau, you provide and transfer all intellectual property rights to such material to Gaggenau and Bosch is entitled to use, copy, distribute and disclose such material to third parties.

Gaggenau reserves to remove any material and information that you have uploaded/posted to the Website at its sole discretion.

Applicable law

Your use of the Website and these Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian substantive law without application of its choice of law regulations.

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