Main facts

  • Ventilation element integrated in the worktop
  • Highly efficient ventilation system close to the cooktop
  • Minimal planning and easy installation for air recirculation


  • Maximum air output in combination with remote fan units s. table remote fan units on page xxx.


  • Output control, knob operation.
  • 4 output levels.
  • Ventilation grille can be washed.
  • Metal grease filter with grease collecting insert.
  • No duct connection piece included.

Product rating

  • Consumption data is referred to a configuration with the remote fan unit AR 403 121.
  • Energy consumption xxx.
  • Ventilation efficiency class B.
  • Grease filter efficiency class D.
  • Sound level min. 52 dB / max. 67 dB normal mode.


  • Connecting cable 1.5 m with plug.