Cooling 200 series

This range consists of refrigerators, freezers and fridge freezers, some are fully integrated, free-standing, or can be placed under the counter. Choose from a collection of capabilities such as distinct climate zones, fresh cooling drawers, 4-star freezer compartment and adjustable shelving.

RB292 Fridge-freezer combination 200 series RB 292

Within a net volume of 395 litres (13.7 cubic feet) are four climate zones including fresh cooling and a large 4-star freezer compartment. Dynamic cold air di...

RB282 Fridge-freezer combination 200 series RB 282

With three climate zones (including fresh cooling close to 0 °C), a spacious interior and height-adjustable safety glass shelves, this fridge-freezer offers m...

RT222_2 Fridge-freezer combination 200 series RT 222

The fridge-freezer has three climate zones, including fresh cooling close to 0 °C, a net volume of 169 litres and a 4-star freezer compartment. Height adjusta...

RB280 Fridge-freezer combination 200 series RB 280

The fully-integratable RB 280 fridge-freezer combination impresses with a 280 litre net volume, height adjustable safety glass shelves, dynamic cold air distr...

RS295 Side-by-Side 200 series RS 295

This exceptional free-standing appliance announces its presence with anthracite-backed glass doors and its large volume. It has four climate zones, including ...