BS 450/451/454/455
BS 450/451/454/455

Combi-steam oven 400 series
BS 450/451/454/455

Steaming without pressure is one of the healthiest cooking methods of all. The Combi-steam oven BS 450/451/454/455 has a range of temperatures up to 230°C that can be combined with different humidity levels. Steaming, baking, boiling, braising, regeneration and juice extraction can therefore all be carried out with one appliance.

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BS 450/451/454/455
BS 450/451/454/455
BS 450/451/454/455

Ovens 400 series

Operation philosophy

Baking and roasting with steam

Automatic door opening

Optimum quality
in every detail.

Quadruple glazed, partially thermally coated oven doors are anything but usual. For us, they are indispensable.