Cooktops: 200 series

A range of standalone cooktops from 30 inches to 36 inches, each with a different character, including induction and ceramic configurations and  styles of gas cooktops with wok burners.

CI292 Flex induction cooktop 200 series CI 292

This cooktop has the widest range of functions of the flex induction range, with four rectangular cooking areas and one round cooking zone. New functions enab...

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CI282 Flex induction cooktop 200 series CI 282

The flex induction cooktop has new functions that enable the free positioning of cookware and regulation of the temperature within different heat areas. The i...

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VG295 Stainless steel with stainless steel control panel VG 295

The gas cooktop impresses with up to 18 kilowatts on five burners. A three-piece cast iron roaster support with a flat, continuous pot surface, automatic quic...

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