The Roots

The Roots: Daniel Humm and Gaggenau,
a shared philosophy of minimalism
and culinary precision.

After 25 years, Three Michelin Star Chef Daniel Humm discovers a new creative style and culinary expression. In his exploration of minimalist cuisine, Humm examines the roots of the dish rather than just what is found on the plate. Humm’s work is born of a legendary commitment to innovation and precision, which goes some way to explaining his strong connection with Gaggenau.

A common language creates a sensorial culinary experience. Partnering with Gaggenau, Daniel Humm and his Eleven Madison Park team find a shared philosophy with Gaggenau, examining history and pursuing innovation.

The Gaggenau EB 333 oven was not only a fixture at Restaurant 1683 but one of Humm’s staple assets in creating the sensorial cuisine at the restaurant.

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“Collaboration is one of the guiding words that hangs in our kitchen.” Daniel Humm