Cooktops: Vario 400 series

Create a cohesive work surface by combining modular cooktops and ventilation appliances controlled by front mounted stainless-steel knobs. Each cooktop is designed to fit together to form a greater whole and be flush- or surface-mounted within a stainless steel frame. The induction and gas cooktops as well as the more specialized electric grill, steamer, Teppan Yaki  and deep fryer all combine with table and downdraft ventilation systems to offer a vast array of configurations.

VI422 Vario 400 series flex induction cooktop VI 422

The 15'' wide Vario flex induction cooktop allows you to combine its two rectangular cooking areas. The bi-color display provides for easy and accurate contro...

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VI414 Vario 400 series induction wok VI 414

The induction wok and wok ring are the ideal modern way to heat the original round bottom pan for connoisseurs of Asian cuisine. Automatic pan detection accom...

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VG491 Vario gas cooktop 400 series VG 491

The Vario gas cook-top has five multi-ring burners: one for a wok as well as two high and two standard output burners. Automatic quick ignition, electronic fl...

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VG425 Vario gas cooktop 400 series VG 425

The flame sizes of the two two-ring burners of the Vario gas wok can both be adjusted and reproduced precisely, thanks to electronic flame monitoring. – ensur...

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VG415 Vario gas wok 400 series VG 415

The gas wok has electronic controls for maximum accuracy and simple, intuitive operation. The precisely adjustable, reproducible flame sizes are ideal for pae...

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VP414 Vario teppan yaki 400 series VP 414

Roasting and cooking in the traditional Japanese manner, directly on a smooth metal plate, provides greater accuracy than with a pan or grill. The two cooking...

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VR414 Vario electric grill 400 series VR 414

This enables excellent grilling in the kitchen on a large, open cast iron roaster support. Lava stones guarantee consistently intense heat for perfectly cooke...

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VK414 Vario in-counter steamer 400 series VK 414

The steamer allows healthy steaming, warming, thawing, heating and simmering without loss of vitamins – not only with water, but also with stock or white wine...

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VF414 Vario electric deep fryer 400 series VF 414

The deep fryer has a three-zone design: The foam expansion zone prevents excessive foaming of the oil, the frying zone lies directly above the heating element...

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AL400 Retractable downdraft ventilation AL 400

The extendable backsplash ventilation disappears completely into the countertop when not in use. Vapors and odors are quietly and effectively extracted direct...

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VL414 Vario 400 series downdraft ventilation VL 414

The downdraft ventilation is ideal for open designs and kitchen islands. It quietly and effectively draws vapors and odors down into the counter before they h...

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AA490 Vario control knob for use with VL 414 downdraft AA 490

The control knob defines our attitude visibly and tangibly in the smallest possible space: usability and design always go hand in hand. Solid materials, a hig...

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