Vario 200 series cooktops

These cooktops form a more compact modular system, ranging in scale from 12 inch to 24 inch width – a perfect fusion of state-of-the-art performance with intelligent design. Sitting comfortably alongside the gas, induction and glass ceramic cooktops are the more specialized options such as the electric grill, steamer, Teppan Yaki and deep fryer. A matching downdraft ventilation system completes the harmonious picture framed in brushed stainless steel control panels.

VG264 Vario gas cooktop 200 series VG 264

A classic 24-inch-wide wide gas cook-top with an output of 9.4 kilowatts to four burners – two high and two standard output – for different types of cookware....

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VG232 Vario gas cooktop 200 series VG 232

A classic cooktop for convenient cooking. There are two burners: one high output and one standard output for different types of cookware. Pots and pans can be...

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VG231 Vario gas wok 200 series VG 231

High power in a small space: The impressive wok burner sports three flame rings for paella and wok pans. Made of high-quality brass, the burners are especiall...

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VE260 Vario electric cooktop 200 series VE 260

The 24-inch-wide electric cooktop has four super quick cooking zones in two sizes. A continuous power regulator, a heat residue indicator as well as the spaci...

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VE230 Vario electric cooktop 200 series VE 230

The 11-inch-wide electric cooktop offers continuous energy regulation, cooking zone labeling and heat residue indicator. The spacious and uncluttered control ...

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VP230 200 Series Vario teppan yaki VP 230

The Teppan Yaki allows roasting, cooking or warming directly on a single, smooth metal surface with up to 1.8 kW of power. The control panel is available in ...

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VR230 Vario electric grill 200 series VR 230

Two independently adjustable zones, an open cast iron roaster support and lava stones allow the chef to both grill and warm simultaneously. The heating elemen...

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VK230 Vario in-counter steamer 200 series VK 230

The steamer allows healthy cooking – without the loss of vitamins – in a small space. Its applications range from steam-cooking and blanching to juicing and r...

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VF230 Vario electric deep fryer 200 series VF 230

The 11.5-inch-wide wide Vario deep fryer boasts an impressive three-zone basin, precise temperature regulation and an integrated drip tray. A spacious and unc...

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VL040-VL041 Vario 200 series downdraft ventilation VL 041/040

The Vario downdraft ventilation control unit can be complemented with expansion elements, one on either side of the cook-top for instance, to jointly and effe...

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