The ultimate in wine storage comes in a variety of sizes, with a lit showcase area and multiple climate zones with consistent temperatures with exact control. These cabinets are full of intelligent touches: the bottles are shielded from the vibration of the motor, while extendable oak or beech rods in the aluminium shelving protects wine from any aromas. Conveniently, the multiple temperature zones allow you to store wines at the same time as bringing other wines to drinking temperature.

RW414-RW464 Vario 酒櫃400 系列 RW 464/414

葡萄酒適溫儲藏櫃,讓您隨時都能品嚐到溫度適中的美酒。這款葡萄酒適溫儲藏櫃分為兩個獨立控溫區,最多可以容納 98 瓶葡萄酒。電子控制系統可以精準維持在您所設定的 5°C 到 20°C 溫度。分為玻璃櫃門或內嵌面板櫃門兩種規格。

RW404 酒櫃 RW 404

有兩個可獨立控制的適溫區,能夠透過極小空間,享受專業等級的葡萄酒儲藏效果。葡萄酒適溫儲藏櫃寬 60 公分,最多可容納 34 瓶酒。電子調節功能可以穩定控制溫度,設定範圍介於 5°C 到 20°C。加裝選購的展示燈後,可完美呈現珍藏的美酒。