RC 492/472/462
RC 492/472/462

Vario refrigerator 400 series
RC 492/472/462

These refrigerators are designed to handle big loads. Their large volume capacity is complemented by side-by-side installation for easy access to the glass shelves that can be aligned on the same level. There is a full-length, flat stainless steel inner door and solid anthracite aluminium door racks, which have an almost invisible rail system for flexible positioning. All with TFT touch display and illluminated by warm white, glare-free LED spotlights.

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Side by side installation

Vario cooling 400 series

Lighting concept and motorised glass shelf

The ideal environment
for select ingredients.

We have relentlessly developed our cooling culture to satisfy the highest demands. Revolutionary technology and uncompromising design - unique in size and diversity.


cooling 400 series.

The Vario cooling series is the first modular system made from fully integrated built-in appliances. Refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezer combinations and wine climate cabinets can be combined in countless variations to form an elegant cooling wall.