Cooktops 400 series

Available in either inductionor gas, these appliances are all about providing maximum creative space for the private chef. The full surface induction cooktop CX 480 is as smart as it is spacious. It allows for the placing of pots anywhere on its vast surface and an intuitive TFT display puts you in complete control. The CG 492 gas burner is a full one metre wide with an immense 18 kW of power and can be welded flush to your stainless steel working surface.

CI491 Induction cooktop CI 491

An absolute delight to behold. When switched off, the CI 491 blends into the worktop almost invisibly. The visual elements are all reduced to the bare essenti...

CI490 Induction cooktop CI 490

The CI 490 induction cooktop stands for optimum precision with simple, intuitive operation. Four cooking zones, twist pad control with a removable magnetic kn...

CE491 Glass ceramic cooktop CE 491

A frameless glass ceramic cooktop for flush mounting with four flexible cooking zones, including two zones which can be interconnected to form a large roastin...

CE481 Glass ceramic cooktop CE 481

An aesthetic cooktop with Twist-Pad control for flush mounting or with sturdy stainless steel frame. Almost all types of cookware can be combined in various w...

CG492 Gas cooktop CG 492

Combining elegance and pragmatism with high performance: The cast pan supports on this state-of-the art gas-powered cooktop are on the same level as the workt...

KG491 400 series gas cooktop KG 491

The latest gas technology paired with intelligent burner configuration: The KG 491 is an absolutely professional cooktop for private kitchens. The cooktop is ...

Optimum efficiency
perfectly integrated.

Innovative kitchen and home design calls for new solutions also in the area of ventilation systems.

Innovative kitchen and home design calls for new solutions also in the area of ventilation systems.

Because kitchens are now increasingly integrated in living areas, a good ventilation system is more important than ever.