Ovens 200 series

The ovens 200 series opens up new prospects with its understatement and straight lines. The appliances are made with selected materials and can be installed flush in any combination, fitting perfectly into every interior. The three colours Gaggenau Anthracite, Metallic and Silver guarantee maximum flexibility for your individual design.

Ovens 200 series

BOP250-BOP251 Oven 200 series BOP 250/251

The oven BOP 250/251 has the widest range of features of the ovens 200 series. It offers 13 different heating methods and the TFT touch display allows intuiti...

BOP240-BOP241 Oven 200 series BOP 240/241

The oven BOP 240/241 features 13 heating methods, 76 litres net volume and electronic temperature regulation from 30°C to 300°C. With the optional baking ston...

BOP220-BOP221 Oven 200 series BOP 220/221

The oven BOP 220/221 with 9 heating methods turns into a truly professional brick oven with the optional baking stone – for bread, pizza and pastries. A 76 li...

BOP210-BOP211 Oven 200 series BOP 210/211

The oven BOP 210/211 offers 76 litres net volume. Advantages such as 9 different heating methods, baking stone function and electronic temperature control of ...

Combi-steam ovens 200 series

BSP250-BSP251 Combi-steam oven 200 series BSP 250/251

The use of pressureless steam is one of the most effective cooking methods there is. In the Combi-steam oven BSP 250/251, this can be combined with hot air, ...

Steam ovens 200 series

BSP220-BSP221 Steam oven 200 Series BSP 220/221

Low temperature steaming, regenerating, thawing, dough proving and much more - the BSP 220/221 opens up new dimensions. 100 percent humidity at temperatures o...

Combi-microwave ovens 200 series

BMP250-BMP251 Combi-microwave oven 200 series BMP 250/251

The Combi-microwave oven BMP 250/251, which offers the combination of a microwave, a grill and an oven, includes various possible modes of operation.

Warming drawers 200 series

WSP221 Warming drawer 200 series WSP 221

The WSP 221 has space for a dinner set for six persons. The interior is food-safe. ƒTemperatures from 40°C to 80°C are ideal for defrosting, keeping warm and ...

WSP222 Warming drawer 200 series WSP 222

The WSP 222 has space for a dinner set for twelve persons. The interior is food-safe. Temperatures from 40°C to 80°C are ideal for defrosting, keeping warm an...

Vacuuming drawer 200 series

DVP221 Vacuuming drawer 200 series DVP 221

The handleless vacuuming drawer 200 series enables quick and convenient sealing of ingredients. Fish, meat and vegetables can be sealed for fast marinating an...

Optimum quality
in every detail.

Quadruple glazed, partially thermally coated oven doors are anything but usual. For us, they are indispensable.