EB 333 oven

The 36 inch wide EB 333 oven is a Gaggenau icon. Recently revised in celebration of Gaggenau’s 333rd anniversary, it remains true to the original: traditional avant-garde in design and capabilities. A single sheet of 3mm stainless steel forms the door panel. The 44 pound door opens and soft-closes with deceptive ease. The EB 333’s new TFT touch display makes any dish even more intuitive to prepare – an inspiration for a new generation of chefs.

EB333 Oven EB 333

A Gaggenau icon that's in its third decade, the EB 333 has undergone a respectful revision. Still made almost entirely by hand, it now offers a TFT touch disp...


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Quadruple-glazed and thermally coated oven doors are anything but usual. For us, they are indispensable.