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Ovens are at the heart of the professional as well as the private kitchen. The iconic EB 333 and the sculptural 400 series each provide extraordinary and distinct baking experiences. Complement your choice of oven with the Combi-steam oven, a warming drawer or a combi-microwave oven – a multitude of striking and intuitive configurations are available.

400 oven series

BX480-BX481 Double oven 400 series BX 480/481

The double oven is 30 inches wide, with each oven offering 17 different heating methods. A volume of 3.9 cubic feet for each oven allows for several dishes to...

BO480-BO481 Oven 400 series BO 480/481

With a width of 30 inches, this oven has the widest range of functions of the 400 series. The control module with its TFT touch display ensures clear and intu...

BO450-BO451 Oven 400 series BO 450/451

This oven offers 13 different heating methods. The core temperature probe automatically switches the oven off when your roast or fish reaches the desired temp...

MW420 Built-in microwave drawer MW 420

The MW 420 built-in microwave drawer works perfectly under-counter allowing ease of access while designed to sit flush with your cabinetry. With up to 950 wat...


400 series warming drawers

WS482 Warming drawer 400 series WS 482

The warming drawer has space for a ten-person dinner set. The interior is food-safe, illuminated and the temperature range from 40 °C to 80 °C is ideal for de...

WS461 Warming drawer 400 series WS 461

The drawer holds up to six place settings. The interior is food-safe, illuminated and the temperature range from 104°F to 176°F is ideal for defrosting, keepi...


Vacuum-sealing drawer 400 series

DV461 Vacuuming drawer 400 series DV 461

The handleless 400 series vacuuming drawer enables the quick and convenient sealing of fish, meat, vegetables and fruit not just for sous-vide cooking but als...

EB333 Oven EB 333

A Gaggenau icon that's in its third decade, the EB 333 has undergone a respectful revision. Still made almost entirely by hand, it now offers a TFT touch disp...


Optimum quality
in every detail.

Quadruple-glazed and thermally coated oven doors are anything but usual. For us, they are indispensable.