Our dishwashers 400 series and 200 series provide clear communication via their TFT displays, as well as handle-free push-to-open doors, projection of the remaining wash cycle time onto the floor and clever loading options for large and precious items. Additionally the 400 series offers a backlit interior that softly illuminates your pristine dishes and Zeolite technology for improved drying performance. This is dishwashing with care and efficiency.

DF481-DF480 Dishwasher 400 series DF 481

The dishwashers disappear discreetly behind the furniture panel, which are handle-free thanks to the push-to-open function. Available in 86.5 cm.

DI261-DI260 Dishwasher 200 series DI 261/260

The stainless steel control panel for these dishwashers offers a large TFT display ensuring that all functions are constantly visible on the display. The appl...

DF251-DF250 Dishwasher 200 series DF 251/250

The dishwashers offer six dishwashing programmes, which can be combined with three options: in power mode, the machine cleans and dries a full load in just 59...